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October 23, 2019 2 min read

1. More Does NOT Always Mean Better. When starting a new program it is important that you ease your mind and body into it. I start my online clients out on a 5 day split program. It includes strength training workouts, cardio, and ab finishers. If you are new to the gym or it has been awhile since you have done activity like this, it is important that you work your way into it. Your muscles are going to be sore and you do not want to get burnt out right in the beginning. After 2 weeks we add in a 6th day of training into your routine.

A huge myth within the fitness world is you have to be going to a gym to see results. You do not need to perform hundreds of different exercises or spend hours working out in order to see results. By performing a select few exercises and executing them with quality, not quantity, you will see results. Progressive overload is so important and helps prevent you from injury or fatigue. 

2. Set Small Goals.I want you to be successful when you start any of my programs. Eating clean and working out has to become a lifestyle, not a temporary thing you do. It needs to become a habit to go to the gym or to eat for your goals. If you start small in the beginning of a program your mind and body has time to prepare for growth. Set a conservative goal so you can celebrate the little victories when you obtain them. For instance, If I made you start with 90 minutes of cardio week 1, by week 4 it would be over 300 minutes and that is unrealistic! It is all about progressing you towards your goals in a safe and achievable way. 

3. Get Out Of Your Head. If you are already a B-Pfitt Babe, know that I got you! I have a Bachelors in Public Health and am a Certified Personal Trainer. I put a lot of time into my programs and have helped hundreds of people transform their lives. I have dedicated years to research, learned from professionals, asked questions to the experts, and have spent my own time of trial and error at the gym. Nothing is ever linear, my journey definitley wasn't. Just know you CAN do this. It is going to take time and patience, but just like with anything else, it will be worth the wait. Trust your coach, but most importantly trust yourself.

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