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October 08, 2019 2 min read

Tired of feeling like a slave to your diet? Like you are eating “clean” and working out but still not seeing or feeling any changes? I have been there, I know what you are feeling, and it sucks.


In order to loose weight you need to be in a caloric deficiency. What does that even mean?!


A caloric deficit is a shortage in the amount of calories consumed relative to the amount needed for maintenance. Yes, you need to consume calories for your body to function and to perform activities of daily living. Food is fuel. You need energy to go to work, to brush your teeth, to get dressed, etc. However, if you cut down those calories just a tad plusworkout, your body will start burning more than you are taking in. Studies show that you want to be in a caloric deficit of about 3500 a week (roughly eating 500 calories less than you are used too everyday).


Creating a Calorie Deficit:


  1. Start by trackingyour food on MyFitnessPal (a free app) so you know how many calories you are consuming. It even let’s you put in calories burned from exercise!
  2. Eat Less Food. Cut your portion sizes down by using smaller plates and bowls. If you go out to eat, ask them to box up half of the meal before they bring it out.
  3. Get Active!Exercise speeds up weight loss. For example,on top of eating 200 calories less than normal, you hop on a bike and burn 300 calories. This would put your calorie deficit to a total of 500 calories less than your body is used to taking in. Therefor you would be burning more calories than your body is taking in that day.


You do not need an expensive coach or supplements to achieve weight loss. All you need is patience and consistency. Start setting small goals and making small changes throughout the day. This creates healthy habits that will allow you to succeed in your fitness journey.

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